Russia to Insist on Classification of UAVs, AD Maritime Platforms as Conventional Armanents, Says Rozgin

Russia will insist on classification of UAVs and AD maritime platforms as conventional armaments, said on Nov 15 Russia’s ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.

“Undoubtedly, we will stand for entering of new weapon systems emerged in recent two decades such as unmanned aerial vehicles including attack ones used against Libya into the list of conventional armaments”, told Rogozin to RIA Novosti summarizing the NATO-Russia Council session held on Tuesday in Brussels.

According to diplomat, such type of arms “is becoming a cornerstone of NATO’s military policy in Europe”.

“We consider that sea-based air defense systems currently appearing in European, northern and southern waters should be also classified as conventional arms. We cannot disregard potential threat posed by those military assets“, pointed out Rogozin.

He noted that “CFE Treaty causes much more doubts and discords between Russia and NATO than missile defense issues”.

Rogozin emphasized that “no discriminatory measures can be taken against Russia”.

“We won’t accept any flank restrictions, attempts to deter Russia from troop redeployments within own territory. Any effort to lay hands on our freedom will be perceived as relics of colonial policy and instantly repelled. And today that was told to NATO partners quite clear”, said the diplomat.

Naval Today Staff, November 18, 2011