Sevmash Shipyard Keeps Working on Indian Aircraft Carrier INS Vikaramaditya

Main propulsion system of Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya modernized at JSC Sevmash will be run soon, reports the shipyard’s press service.

The second priority task of Sevmash shipyard after construction of nuclear-powered submarines is completion of Indian carrier INS Vikramaditya. By now, the ship’s main propulsion plant has been assembled and tested with steam from coastal source; mooring trials of propulsion systems are in progress as well as air-technical facilities.

Hundreds of experts work on the ship every day. Trial team only of 55-th workshop – the Sevmash‘s main slipway – numbers 200 persons. To speed up and improve effectiveness of works, early in 2011 the yard’s director general changed production structure and ordered to establish temporal organization departments within the workshop, so called “assembly sections” engaged only in Vikramaditya.

Number of employees was increased as well, especially direct labor personnel; all work teams are fully manned. That made possible to go into full production process. The yard has gained quite good work pace in this year and has completed all scheduled works in time. However, there is much remained to do within 1.5 months left before the end of the year. For instance, the yard must perform considerable assembling works of general-purpose systems in the carrier’s 7-th construction area. In Nov it is planned to take burner oil on board and start boilers. The task for 2012 is completion of mooring trials and beginning of sea trials in spring.

Principal area of Sevmash‘s activity is defense order execution. In this year the shipyard has carried out mooring trials of two 4th-generation subs – SSBN Alexander Nevsky and SSGN Severodvinsk. Second serial Borei-class SSBN Vladimir Monomakh built in 55-th workshop undergoes full-fledged assembling of general purpose systems; experts of SPO Arktika conduct electric works. Hull of the second Yasen-class SSGN Kazan has been prepared for important phase of construction – hydraulic pressure test. Sea trials of Borei– and Yasen-class submarines are going on; trial crews have been manned in full. Only 55-th workshop delegated about 150 high-class specialists.

In this year, JSC Sevmash has reached the peak of workload since the time of defense order’s avalanchine cutback in 90’s.

Naval Today Staff, November 18, 2011