Russia to Launch Bulava Missile in Spring 2012?

Russia to Launch Bulava Missile in Spring 2012

Test launch of submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) Bulava can be postponed due to weather conditions, but it will be held till May 2012 anyway, said Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov at press conference on Nov 18.

Earlier on, a high-ranking representative of defense industry told to RIA Novosti that last in 2011 test launch of the newest SLBM Bulava would be performed in Nov 2011 by standard platform – Project 955 SSBN Yury Dolgoruky. It is expected to be a salvo launch, i.e. at least two missiles would leave the submarine’s launching tubes at once.

Naval Today Staff , November 21, 2011; Image: mod