HMS Severn Arrives in Faslane, UK

HMS Severn A Arrives in Faslane, UK

The prior patrol had finished on a high with the detention of a French Fishing Vessel. Severn accompanied the vessel into Dover and remained alongside overnight in order to assist with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)’s investigation.

Severn then resumed patrols in the Irish Sea, before hauling down the Fish pennant (temporarily) for their short stay with Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) in Faslane.

Severn’s stay with FOST marks a crucial phase in the ship’s operational programme. Operational Sea Training (OST) is a period that every ship must undergo periodically to prove that it is fit to fight and capable of successfully tackling any of the many and varied tasks required by a Warship of the Royal Navy.

Severn has the delight of undertaking OST in the scenic foothills of the Firth of Clyde, in Scotland, day-running from HMNB Clyde. Although beautiful, Faslane in late November offers a particular challenge with its famously variable weather and ever shortening days!

Severn’s Ship’s Company has been working up progressively towards OST in order to illustrate to the inspecting staff their knowledge and aptitude, personal courage and stamina in any situation such as: fire, flood, small craft attack, casualty or an intruder forcing their way on board.

The first hurdle is the Material Assessment and Safety Check, or MASC, in which Severn is presented to the Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) Staff at Admiral’s Rounds standard.

The FOSTies then look to identify any shortcomings in Severn’s material state and (hopefully) ascertain that the Ship and her Company are “safe to train.”

Then the fun really starts with 3 weeks of busy days and nights, in which the vast majority of Severn’s contingent capabilities, as well as the ability to safely operate at sea on a routine basis will be examined to the finest detail.

It all culminates in the Final Inspection, in which the FOSTies will look to really put the Ship through her paces and prove all the lessons learnt over the training period.

On completion, Severn will return on task conducting Fishery Protection for the final few weeks of the year prior to Christmas.

Naval Today Staff , November 22, 2011; Image: royalnavy