USS Ford Returns to Everett


Guided-missile frigate USS Ford (FFG 54) returned to Everett Nov. 17, after a six-month deployment to the western Pacific.

Ford departed Everett in May 2011. During deployment, the ship participated in the multinational Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) exercise. CARAT training scenarios include coastal patrol, mine countermeasures, amphibious assault, and maritime patrol and interdiction, and are primarily conducted to enhance regional cooperation and promote understanding between participating military forces.

Ford Sailors visited Guam, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, India, and Sri Lanka.

“I was pleased that the crew had an opportunity to be hosted in India,” said Cmdr. Donald Foss, commanding officer of Ford. “The interaction with the Indian people, culture, and Indian Navy has been more than rewarding. I sincerely hope I and the crew of USS Ford are provided this opportunity again someday in the future.”

Ford is assigned to Destroyer Squadron 9 and is equipped to provide defense in-depth against air, surface and sub-surface threats for military and merchant shipping.

Ford helps provide deterrence, promote peace and security, preserve freedom of the sea and humanitarian/disaster response within U.S. 3rd Fleet’s 50-million square mile area of responsibility in the eastern Pacific, as well as supporting the nation’s maritime strategy when forward deployed.

Naval Today Staff , November 22, 2011;