Russian Defense Ministry Offers Internet Excursion Onboard Guard Missile Cruiser Varyag


Official website of Russian defense ministry since Nov 22 affords an opportunity to have a virtual excursion on Pacific Fleet (PF) flagship – Guard missile cruiser Varyag, reports the Russian military.

About two months ago the defense ministry announced opening of Central Museum of Strategic Missile Forces for online visits. Among showpieces are intercontinental ballistic missiles operated by Russian armed forces in different periods.

Now all Internet users can familiarize with the ship’s composition and equipment by visiting website of Russian defense ministry. Varyag’s top deck with arms placed on it and some interior premises are available for watching”, said the release.

Reportedly, a special section called “Virtual Museum” affording a unique opportunity to visit cruiser Varyag was set on defense ministry’s official website for “popularization of military service amid young and active Internet users“.

According to defense ministry, despite the fact that Varyag‘s length exceeds 200 meters and height is comparable to 10-storey building, the cruiser is considered the fastest and most armed ship in Pacific Fleet.

“Guard missile cruiser Varyag worthily represents Russian St. Andrew’s flag overseas. In foreign ports, there are crowds of visitors standing in line to board the cruiser”, says the release.

The successor of the same-named legendary cruiser is armed with multipurpose attack missile system capable to hit sea surface and land targets at considerable distances. In addition, the ship’s arsenal includes antisubmarine rocket launchers, torpedo tubes, and several gun mounts of different calibers.

Besides, the site visitors may have a virtual excursion in museum cabinet of Marshall Georgy Zhukov located in defense ministry’s administrative building, Central Air Force Museum situated in Monino, Moscow region, and Central Museum of Strategic Missile Forces in Kaluga region.

Naval Today Staff, November 24, 2011;