Russian President Demands to Exclude Defense Order Delays in 2012


There must be no delays with contracting of defense order 2012, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaking with regional leaders of United Russia party.

It was earlier reported that draft defense order 2012 would be submitted to prime minister’s approval by Dec 1, 2011. Expectedly, since that moment orderers and executors could start to sign contracts.

“We have enough money, and it is inadmissible to have such mess with contracts then. Things must change next year”, Medvedev said. “I’m not blaming anybody for anything. Perhaps, both defense ministry and military companies did something wrong. But all problems must have been settled on due time. That is what we’re going to look after”, added the president.

He pointed out that the government had channeled considerable funds to re-equip armed forces, but the money must be spent effectively, and contracts should be signed in time.

In his turn, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reminded that about RUR 3 trillions would be invested into technical re-equipment of defense companies. He explained that if their production was not in demand at the moment, the money can be re-directed for commercial products.

Naval Today Staff , November 29, 2011;