Three Royal Australian Navy Frigates Depart Sydney for Exercises

Three Royal Australian Navy Frigates Depart Sydney for Exercises

Three Royal Australian Navy Frigates have departed Sydney Harbour bound for the coast off Newcastle to continue a series of intensive air and sea exercises over the next fortnight.

Triton Warrior 11 is the third in a series of co-ordinated naval exercises conducted this year in the Eastern Australian Exercise Area. While the first three weeks involved Navy assets only, the following two will be devoted to exercising jointly with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Commanding Officer of lead ship HMAS Sydney, Captain Luke Charles-Jones, said exercise objectives had increased in complexity as the war fighting skills of the fleet evolved during the 2011 Triton series.

“A major focus of Triton Warrior 11 is to provide ships the opportunity to conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare evolutions,” Captain Charles-Jones said.

“To that end, Western Australia based guided missile submarine, HMAS Dechaineux, was involved earlier in the exercise to provide a submarine hunting opportunity for ships and air assets,” said Captain Charles-Jones.

“It’s great to be visiting this part of our coastline again as we continue the exercise. Some of our people are from the area, and they are very excited about finishing off their busy year so close to home.”

As the exercise evolves, HMA Ships Sydney, Darwin and Ballarat will integrate with RAAF aircraft ranging from Hawks to Wedgetails in Anti Aircraft Warfare serials.

Collectively all units will be tested on their preparedness for various warfare serials within the strict environmental and safety guidelines used within Navy.

“With more than 400 officers and sailors involved in this part of the Triton series, the public can be assured of a fully prepared and practiced naval fleet,” said Captain Charles-Jones.

Naval Today Staff, November 30, 2011; Image: navy