Russia: PF Ranked First in Navy


Having won nine Navy Commander’s prizes, Pacific Fleet (PF) gained the lead of Russian Navy in training year of 2011, said PF Commander’s press secretary Capt 1 rank Roman Martov.

“It was said at the session of PF Military Council that seamen, aviators, missilemen, and marines of Pacific Fleet had won nine Navy Commander’s prizes and outclassed Northern, Baltic, and Black Sea fleets”, said the interviewee.

According to him, the prizes were won by submariners of Kamchatka and Primorsky Krai, Missile and Landing Ship Squadron, 155-th Marine Brigade, special anti-terror unit of Primorsk Flotilla, coastal missilemen of Kamchatka, and Kamenny Ruchei ASW air base.

In the training year of 2011, PF servicemen have performed about 1,000 combat drills including hundreds of missile/gun firings and mine layings. Marine units have carried out over 3,500 parachute jumps. “The Military Council stated that the key event in 2011 was the fleet’s participation in the large-scale exercise near Kamchatka. Pacific Fleet servicemen took part in the unprecedented maneuvers along with land troops and aviation”, said the interviewee.

According to him, the year of 2011 has been also significant in the area of diplomatic relations. PF warships had visited ports of Japan, Mariana Islands, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Cambodia.

“Mission in the Gulf of Aden was a good chance to improve professional skills as well. Presently, the sixth PF task unit is attending the international anti-piracy campaign. The seventh task unit led by large ASW ship Admiral Tributs will head for the Indian Ocean in December to counter piracy in the Gulf of Aden. That will be the ship’s second deployment off the Horn of Africa”, Martov said.

As for him, Eastern Military District Commander Admiral K. Sidenko said Pacific Fleet had completed all tasks of training year 2011 in full.

Naval Today Staff, December 01, 2011;