Russian President Calls for Faster Retooling of Defense Industry


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev declared the necessity to speed up modernization program of national defense industry. Talking with Governor of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Masharin, the president reminded about considerable investments to state defense order and renovation of weapon systems. Medvedev stressed that cardinal improvement of Russian Armed Forces was possible only with re-equipment of military-oriented companies.

“Only in this case we would create crucially new armed forces by 2020 and provide them with high-efficiency advanced weapons. I think, that is why defense ministry and the government should take it as a starting point when planning work for the next year”, Medvedev said.

“Ideally, armed forces must receive new weapons by 2020. To make them really good, manufacturing companies should be obviously upgraded”, emphasized the president.

According to Medvedev, “there is no need to repine at defense industry all the time saying they produce wrong tanks, wrong howitzers, wrong bullets and so”.

“Indeed, they do, but the reason is obsolete production facilities. To integrate into modern life and re-equipment process of Russian armed forces, our industry must be up-to-date as well“, pointed out the president.

Naval Today Staff, December 01, 2011;