PF Task Unit Visits Port of Djibouti


Pacific Fleet (PF) task unit headed by large ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev on Nov 30 visited the port of Djibouti.

It is noteworthy that apart from replenishment of supplies and leisure, Russian mariners attended pre-schedule parliamentary elections. The voting took place on Dec 1 in the messroom of large ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev. The messroom was furnished with special booths and ballot boxes prepared for expression of the crewmen’s will.

The visit of Russian sailors to Djibouti will last till Dec 2. Then the task unit will head for the Gulf of Aden to form the sixth convoy of civil ships.

Recall that it is the sixth PF task unit deployed in the Gulf of Aden for anti-piracy and shipping security purposes. Earlier on, Admiral Panteleyev headed the second PF task unit keeping anti-piracy watch near African coast in 2009.

Naval Today Staff, December 02, 2011