Navy Opens Naval Sea Systems Command Outfitted SRF in Umm Qasr, Iraq


The Iraqi navy opened a Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)-outfitted ship repair facility (SRF) on Dec. 1 in Umm Qasr, Iraq, marking a step forward in the country’s ability to sustain its navy’s operational readiness. The facility was procured as part of a larger foreign military sales case with the Iraqi Navy and will support five different vessel classes.

The SRF will be managed and staffed by the Iraqi navy, with the U.S. Navy continuing to assist with training and technical services. The SRF will serve as the Iraqi navy’s maintenance headquarters, providing an intermediate level maintenance and repair capability to the growing fleet of Iraqi navy vessels. This maintenance capability is key to enabling the Iraqi navy to sustain the operational readiness required to protect its territorial waters and critical offshore infrastructure. Senior officials from both the Iraqi and U.S. navies were in attendance to participate in the ribbon-cutting event.

NAVSEA work on the ship repair facility began in 2010 with direction to procure, install and provide training for maintenance and repair equipment. The project team then implemented a comprehensive plan for outfitting, operations and training of Iraqi naval personnel at the SRF.

The facility, which was procured as part of a larger foreign military sales case with the Iraqi Navy will support five different vessel classes.

I’m very proud of Adm. [Ali Hasan] Ali, head of the Iraqi navy, and his team of sailors who have made the Ship Repair Facility a state of the art intermediate maintenance operation which will allow the Iraqi Navy to maintain and sustain its growing fleet,” said Rear Adm. Kelvin Dixon, director, Iraqi Training and Advising Mission-Navy.

The SRF is divided in five major work centers to oversee repair work, including an electrical shop, an inside machine shop dedicated to engines, an outside machine shop to repair mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, a welding and ship-fitting shop, and a welding and pipe-fitting shop. NAVSEA installed more than 40 industrial machines in the SRF and provided spare parts and all support equipment necessary for safe operation of industrial equipment

To date, NAVSEA has successfully outfitted the SRF with the industrial equipment and provided basic safety training to Iraqi naval personnel via classroom instruction and hands-on training. NAVSEA also assisted in the repair and maintenance of legacy Iraqi patrol boats, and affiliated Program Executive Office, Ships is managing the acquisition of two new-construction 60-meter offshore support vessels and twelve 35-meter patrol boats, six of which have already been delivered.

Naval Today Staff , December 05, 2011