Russia Completes Testbed Trials of Crucially New Engine for Non-Nuclear Submarines

Russia Completes Testbed Trials of Crucially New Engine for Non-Nuclear Submarines

Russia completes testbed trials of the crucially new engine for non-nuclear submarines – air-independent propulsion plant – and prepares to construct an experimental prototype, reports RIA Novosti referring to Director General of Sevmash shipyard and Rubin Design Bureau Andrei Diachkov.

Earlier on, a high-ranking representative of Russian Navy Main HQ told to RIA Novosti that Russia was about to build submarines powered by radically new propulsion plant. At present, all Russian non-nuclear subs use diesel engines. “Rubin design bureau actively works on an air-independent propulsion plant with electrochemical generator. We’ve almost completed testbed trials and plan to show the project to Indian delegation this December”, Diachkov said.

As for him, experts of Rubin bureau have proved that obtainment of hydrogen on board a sub was technically possible. “This would make possible to produce hydrogen on board a sub instead of storing it like Germans do”, said the Rubin‘s director general.

Besides, he added that the prospective Russian air-independent propulsion plant would use standard diesel fuel and have no need of complicated servicing at base. “By the way, it has no motion parts, so acoustically is very advantageous”, emphasized Diachkov.

As for him, to implement such large-scale project as development of air-independent propulsion plant, a federal target program should be founded. “Soon Rubin would construct an experimental prototype, and that is very cost-consuming. Another solution is to work in cooperation with other companies”, noted Diachkov.

Naval Today Staff , December 05, 2011; Image: sevmash