Russia: Project 941UM Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Submarine to Remain in Service

Project 941UM Nuclear-Powered Powered Ballistic Submarine to Remain in Service

Project 941UM nuclear-powered ballistic submarine (SSBN) Dmitry Donskoy adapted for test launches of Bulava missile will remain in service and take part in trials of new submarines in Severodvinsk, reported RIA Novosti referring to Director General of Sevmash shipyard and Rubin Design Bureau Andrei Diachkov.

The sub was modernized specially for Bulava tests until completion of the missile’s standard platform – Project 955 Borei SSBN Yury Dolgoruky.

“Dmitry Donskoy finished her part of the missile tests, and it was said the sub could have been utilized… We reached an agreement with defense ministry that the submarine would be stationed at White Sea Naval Base in order to maintain trials of newly constructed subs”, Diachkov said.

He explained that some special operations should be carried out during a submarine’s trials. It is so-called ‘double sub’ test. “To check sonar and arms, the second submarine is needed. Earlier, Northern Fleet command had to remove a combat-worthy submarine from patrol mission and dispatch her to the shipyard”, Diachkov said.

According to him, SSBN Dmitry Donskoy has completed her mission as the Bulava testing platform. Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky gave the green light for the sub to be based in Severodvinsk.

“Two other submarines of this project – SSBN Arkhangelsk and SSBN Severstal – are moored at the port of Severodvinsk also awaiting a final decision”, said Diachkov.

SSBN Dmitry Donskoy (Akula class, on NATO classification – Typhoon) is the world’s biggest nuclear-powered submarine; full displacement is 49,800 tons, length is 172 meters, beam is 23.3 meters; commissioned into the Navy on Dec 12, 1981.

In 2004 the submarine was refitted for SLBM Bulava test launches.

Naval Today Staff , December 05, 2011; Image: militaryphotos