Russia: Crews of BF Ships Complete Preparation for Long-Range Cruise


Crews of the Baltic Fleet (BF) frigate Yaroslav Mudry and replenishment tanker Lena have completed preparations for a long-range cruise. They have performed a number of qualification drills in the Baltic Sea, practiced joint maneuvering and underway astern refueling.

Frigate Yaroslav Mudry has carried out 2 gun and 4 missile firing drills. During the exercise, the crew practiced searching, tracing and “destruction” of a submarine, repelling of aerial attacks, ship’s defense at outer anchorage, and underway takeoff/landing of deck-based helicopter Ka-27.

According to report of inspection headed by Chief of Western Military District HQ Admiral Nikolai Maksimov, the ships are ready to be used for intended purpose.

The exercise in the Baltic Sea was a final stage in preparations for the coming long-range cruise. In Dec 2011 frigate Yaroslav Mudry and replenishment tanker Lena will take sea for deployment in the distant zones of the World Ocean.

Yaroslav Mudry is the newest multipurpose ship designed for wide range of tasks including search and destruction of submarines, antiship and antisubmarine warfare, attacking enemy warships at sea and in bases, supporting coastal and landing assault operations. The ship is capable to protect the fleet’s task unit from surface ships and submarines.

The frigate is armed with up-to-date weapons including antiship missile system, middle- and short-range air defense systems, antisubmarine rocket launcher RBU-6000. The ship is equipped with deck-based helicopter Ka-27 capable to use ASW torpedoes and depth bombs.

The ship’s displacement is 4,500 tons; speed is about 30 knots; operating range is over 5,000 miles; endurance is 30 days; length is almost 130 meters; beam is over 15 meters.

Naval Today Staff , December 06, 2011