Sweden: Saab Technicians Train to Support Sweden’s Black Hawks HKP16

Saab Technicians Train to Support Sweden’s Black Hawks HKP16

Saab technicians are today commencing their training in the Swedish Armed Forces’ new helicopter system, the HKP16 Black Hawk. The training begins with a week-long introductory course and is followed by a complete course regarding the UH-60M Black Hawk.

Sweden, via the Defence Materiel Administration, has signed an intergovernmental contract with the USA regarding the procurement of 15 UH60-M helicopters, with the Swedish designation HKP16. The intergovernmental contract includes an overall commitment by US Government to ensure Swedish involvement with three helicopters in an operational area commencing in the second quarter of 2013.

The training is pursuant to an Agreement between Saab and Sikorsky.  Saab and Sikorsky are currently seeking to finalize an agreement pursuant to which Saab will provide support to Sikorsky, and in extension the US Government, with the maintenance of the Swedish helicopters.

The time is limited as the first helicopters will be landing in Sweden in mid-December and the goal is for them to be ready to take to the air by mid-January 2012.

Naval Today Staff , December 06, 2011; Image: saab

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