JSC Beriev Aviation Scientific Center Repairs ASW Aircraft Tu-142ME to Indian Naval Aviation

JSC Beriev Aviation Scientific Center Repairs ASW Aircraft Tu-142ME to Indian Naval Aviation

JSC Beriev Aviation Scientific Center (Taganrog, Russia) on Dec 2 handed over repaired long-range ASW aircraft Tu-142ME to Indian naval aviation; the airplane departed for its air base on Dec 5, reports the center’s press service.

The airplane (registration No 312) has passed all appropriate post-repair trials. It is one of eight Tu-142ME aircrafts built in Taganrog for Indian Navy late in 80’s.

Basically, capital repair and logistic support of Indian Tu-142ME will last till 2020, says the center’s press release. However, there is no information how many of eight Tu-142ME aircrafts have already passed repair and modernization at the Beriev center.

“Indian partners closely cooperate with Rosoboronexport and the Beriev center in matters of repair and renewal of Tu-142ME”, says the release. In particular, the company provides post-sale service and consultations on airplanes delivered to India, including issues of repair and spare part supplies.

Tu-142ME is an export variant of ASW aircraft Tu-142M (MK) designed for protection of India’s sea borders. Comparing to the basic model, engines and onboard systems of Tu-142ME are adapted for operation in tropic climate. The airplanes were constructed by the Taganrog Aircraft Factory (established in 1916, renamed into JSC Taganrog Aviation in 1994) which used the same production capacities with the Beriev center and produced Tu-142-class aircrafts since 1973 till 1992. In Feb 2011, JSC Taganrog Aviation was affiliated to the Beriev center.

JSC Beriev Aviation Scientific Center was established in 1934, registered as an open joint stock company in 1994, and is engaged in designing, pilot construction, and testing of amphibious airplanes. It is subordinated to JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation. Authorized capital is RUR 148.039 mln; it is divided into 296,078 thousands of common 500-ruble stocks. Principal shareholders: JSC Irkut Scientific and Production Corporation – 31.647%, JSC Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company – 30.394%, and CJSC Depository Clearing Company (Moscow, nominee shareholder) – 12.5%.

Recent projects developed by the Beriev center are multirole civil amphibious airplane Be-200; amphibious airplane A-42PE for patrol and search/rescue works; light amphibious airplane Be-103; long-range radar detection airplanes; large-size hydroplanes with takeoff weight up to 2,500 kg. The Beriev center performs capital repair of Russian Navy’s Tu-142M and Russian Air Force’s Tu-95MS long-range airplanes, as well as Indian Navy’s Tu-142ME.

Naval Today Staff, December 07, 2011; Image: shaktiraj25