Malaysia: PELICAN Exercise Series 31/11 Finishes

PELICAN Exercise Series 31 11 31 11 Finishes

PELICAN Exercise Series 31/11 was officially deactivated with the closing ceremony onboard KDB DARULEHSAN. Sea phase was indeed a triumphant phase for the PELICAN Exercise, in which objectives were accomplished, the aims to expose young officers in conducting all the exercises has been achieved and this could not be more a satisfying outcome but also a tremendous worthy experience in training the young officers and ship’s crew to achieve a greater performance for both party.

The Commanding Officer of RSS SUPREME, Senior Lt Col Tommy Hsu was the guest of honour for the closing ceremony and deactivated Task Group 31.1. The ceremony ended with the exchange of plaque between both Commanding Officers of KDB DARULEHSAN and RSS SUPREME.

KDB DARULEHSAN has safely arrived and anchored in Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi, yesterday morning. The opening ceremony of Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace 2011 (LIMA ’11) will be held on 6th December 2011. Apart from joining the exhibition, KDB DARULEHSAN will also be performing during the International Maritime Cultural Night on 8th December 2011 and will be hosting Cocktail Reception onboard the ship on 9th December 2011.

Naval Today Staff , December 08, 2011; Image: mindef