Chinese Leader Hu Jintao Orders National Navy Command to “Prepare for War”

Chinese leader Hu Jintao ordered the national navy command to “prepare for war”. According to BBC, analysts suppose the words of the Chinese leader could be also interpreted as “armed struggle” or “armed conflict”, although meaning of the phrase remains the same.

Reportedly, such statement was made at the meeting with China’s top-ranking military authorities. The head of PRC said that the navy “should as soon as possible improve its modernization, and summon up all strength to prepare for war and promote national security”.

According to international experts, China had earlier acquired its first aircraft carrier and is presently modernizing the national navy.

Analysts consider China may get ready for “war” against Vietnam and Philippines. The latter has repeatedly blamed China for overt aggression in the region. US president Obama said last month that American administration would expand presence in the South China Sea. According to some information, in this case the US looks like the only real competitor to China. However, American military expects no aggression from China.

Recall that China, the US, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei strive for sovereignty over disputable islands in the South China Sea trying to find oil and gas deposits there.

China and Vietnam agreed to widen military cooperation on Oct 15. The document provides expansion of contacts between military authorities of the two countries. Besides, it is expected to set a “hot line” between Chinese and Vietnamese defense ministers.

This decision was made to reduce tension between the two countries.

Naval Today Staff, December 09, 2011