Sri Lanka Navy Celebrates 61st Anniversary

Sri Lanka Navy Celebrates 61st Anniversary

Sri Lanka Navy celebrates its 61st Anniversary today, 09th December 2011. Celebrations, held in accordance with naval traditions, consist of religious and social functions conducted to coincide with the Navy Day, which falls on 09th December.

Being a brave and successful maritime force observing the standard naval protocols and executing a tremendously vital role in safeguarding the maritime interests of the nation, Sri Lanka Navy played a pivotal role in ushering sustainable peace to the Motherland.

The Navy traces its genesis as far back as the year 1937 when it began its voyage under the name of Ceylon Naval Volunteer Force (CNVF). Thereafter, it got absorbed into the Royal Navy after the World War II as the Ceylon Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (CRNVR), which eventually turned out to be the Royal Ceylon Navy on 09th December 1950. In 1972, with the introduction of the first republican constitution, the Royal Ceylon Navy took on its present name, Sri Lanka Navy.

Sri Lanka Navy Navy Celebrates 61st Anniversary.

The voyage of the Sri Lanka Navy thus begun, has journeyed many a nautical mile gathering fair winds most of the time since its inception. It has been boldly and strategically steered forward by many a stalwart Commanding Officer at the helm. Under their wise command, SLN has undergone a qualitative as well as a quantitative development in various aspects during its illustrious history. Over a wide spectrum of terrains and under varied battle scenarios, naval personnel have proven their prowess, competence and bravery, being well- fortified in their task of protecting the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the motherland.

The high quality of their performance, excellent morale in the battle field, unrelenting determination to execute a task assigned, the disciplined and orderly manner in which they act, above all, the humane qualities ingrained in the naval personnel are the results of their commitment to achieve the highest levels of professionalism, discipline and integrity.

Sri Lanka Navy Celebrates 61st Anniversary..

Today, after the successful defeat of three decade long terrorism, Sri Lanka is heading towards rapid development and prosperity under the prudent statesmanship of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksha. The Navy is engaged in supporting the development projects of the county under the guidance of Secretary of Defence, Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapaksha and the direction of the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Somathilake Dissanayake.

The Navy, utilizing its human and material resources to make the Colombo canal system clean, brought their standard up to a level of initiating a public transport system to help reduce the city traffic congestion. The cleaning up has helped reduce Colombo floods which had been a frequent threat to the people in the area. The Navy has also initiated projects to promote tourism by deploying vessels such as Jet Liner and A 543 for sea voyages and whale watching programmes.

The Navy has opened a sea front restaurant – The Light House Galley – for the benefit of local and foreign tourists. Measures have been taken to promote agriculture in the country by purchasing agricultural produce of rural farmers and marketing them through Navy Seva Vanitha Welfare Shops. The Navy facilitates the efforts of oil and gas explorations in the Gulf of Mannar in a bid to assist the utilization of the country’s resources for its economic growth.

Today, with years of experience in varied operating environments, Sri Lanka Navy is ready to respond to any kind of contingency. Having come of age remarkably, it stands dedicated to the security and the wellbeing of all communities living in the Motherland.

Naval Today Staff, December 09, 2011; Image: navy