USA: Lockheed Martin Lands TRIDENT II Contract


Lockheed Martin Corp., Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., Sunnyvale, Calif., is being awarded modification P00001 under previously awarded cost-plus-incentive-fee, cost-plus-fixed-fee, fixed-price-incentive contract (N00030-12-C-0100) which is a combined definitized deployed systems support (DSS) contract and an undefinitized contract action award for TRIDENT II (D5) production.

The definitized contract for DSS is awarded in the amount of $427,379,969, and the undefinitized contract action is awarded in the amount not to exceed $772,203,549.   DSS requirements include:  engineering and operational support services; field processing; training material development, trainer design and operational support; spares and integrated logistics support; flight test analysis and range support; safety assurance including Nuclear Weapon Security; missile and support equipment repair; and development, production and installation of special projects alterations/POLARIS Missile Facility alteration documents/support equipment requirements.

D5 production requirements include the following deliverable to Strategic Systems Programs:  missile body, re-entry body, D5 instrumentation systems and support equipment production (D5 only); D5 production continuity hardware (D5 only); procurement of components and requalification activities in support of D5 life extension requirements; critical components in support of D5 life extension requirements; and alternate release assembly production.

Work will be performed in Sunnyvale, Calif. (65.92 percent); Cape Canaveral, Fla. (10.33 percent); St. Mary’s, Ga. (7.18 percent); Bangor, Silverdale, Wash. (7.15 percent); Brigham City, Utah (2.20 percent); Torrance, Calif. (1.01 percent); Pittsfield, Mass. (0.76 percent); Poulsbo, Wash. (0.75 percent); Clearwater, Fla. (0.26 percent); San Jose, Calif. (0.24 percent); Elkton, Md. (0.10 percent); Chandler, Ariz. (0.08 percent); East Aurora, N.Y. (0.07 percent); Gainesville, Va. (0.07 percent); Lancaster, Pa. (0.06 percent); Rockford, Ill. (0.02 percent); and various other locations (3.79 percent).  Work is expected to be completed April 30, 2017.  This contract was not competitively procured.  Contract funds in the amount of $321,407,969 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  Strategic Systems Programs, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity.

Naval Today Staff, December 16, 2011