Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise Works Up to Deployment

Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise Works Up to Deployment

Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) wrapped up a two-week underway in the Atlantic Ocean Dec. 16, completing many qualifications needed for its upcoming deployment.

During the underway period, Enterprise tested the crew in all areas including engineering, damage control, deck, navigation and flight operations.

“We’ve truly put the crew to the test,” said Cmdr. Ed Galvin, USS Enterprise operations officer. “Every training evolution, every launch, every trap, every general quarters drill was invaluable in preparing Enterprise for our upcoming deployment.”

Pilots from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) One refreshed their skills and 92 Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) pilots learned how to land and safely operate aircraft aboard an aircraft carrier through 997 arrested landings, 614 during the day and 315 during the night.

In addition to the FRS carrier qualifications, Enterprise steamed 2,650 nautical miles and moved 713 passengers and 31,000 lbs. of cargo via carrier on board delivery. Enterprise also conducted two replenishments at sea and ammunition loads, tested the close-in-weapons system, conducted 16 propulsion plant drills and conducted five general quarters drills.

Sailors new to Enterprise completed personal qualifications during these drills, ensuring all watch teams are fully proficient on their equipment and watchstations.

“I’m impressed with the crew,” said Capt. Greg C. Huffman, Enterprise executive officer. “They proved themselves during this underway and are well prepared for the remainder of workups and deployment.”

Naval Today Staff, December 18, 2011; Image: navy