Russia to Lease Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine Nerpa to Indian Navy


Russia will lease nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) K-152 Nerpa to Indian Navy late in Dec 2011 or early in Jan 2012, wrote the Asian Age newspaper referring to sources in Indian defense ministry.

According to the newspaper, the Russian submarine will be leased for a 10-year period. Leasing cost is evaluated as $650-900 mln. In Indian Navy, the sub will bear the name of INS Chakra. That was the name of the first Indian nuclear-powered submarine leased from the Soviet Union in 1988 for three years, reports ITAR-TASS.

Leasing of Russian nuclear sub Nerpa will give India strategic advantages, emphasized Asian Age.

At present, Indian Navy has no nuclear-powered submarines in inventory. The first one, INS Arihant built by Indian shipyard in Visakhapatnam, was launched in 2009 and is being prepared for sea trials. According to local media, Indian Navy will have an opportunity to use SSN Nerpa as a training platform for submariners.

Naval Today Staff , December 20, 2011