Russian Defense Ministry Wants Renewal of Non-Nuclear Submarines


Along with construction of strategic and multipurpose nuclear-powered submarines, Russian Navy development program provides renewal of non-nuclear (diesel electric) submarines.

In Russian Navy, diesel electric submarines are used for antisurface and antisubmarine warfare far fr om home bases both in the high seas and in limited water areas. Constructed non-nuclear subs will have all capabilities for modernization making possible to refit them with new equipment, radioelectronics, and armaments.

Russian Navy is expected to receive 8-10 diesel electric submarines in the period until 2020.

Navy command plans to use non-nuclear subs as a key underwater component of task forces in littoral zones and islanded areas. This component will be integrated into unified command and control system of Russian Armed Forces. Diesel electric submarines operate in waters wh ere use of nuclear-powered ones is either impossible or inexpedient.

New non-nuclear subs will have improved silence characteristics and increased endurance. Another important feature is their target versatility (sea surface, underwater, and coastal targets) which is required by the nature of present-day naval engagement.

Naval Today Staff , January 12, 2012

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