Oman: Wave Knight Sailors Save All Crew from Stricken Pleasure Craft

Wave Knight Saliors Save All Crew from Stricken Pleasure Craft

Sailors from tanker RFA Wave Knight saved all ten people aboard a stricken pleasure craft off Oman in a dramatic night-time rescue. The 70ft Princess Melisa was taking on water and in danger of capsizing in the northern Arabian Sea when the auxiliary came to her aid.

All ten souls aboard her were plucked to safety by the crew of the tanker RFA Wave Knight as they rushed to respond to the boat’s mayday call in the dark on Saturday night.

The tanker, which provides fuel and sustenance to Royal Navy and other Coalition warships operating in the region, was the first vessel on the scene, co-ordinating with two SH60 Seahawk helicopters from the American carrier USS John C Stennis.

They found the 70ft Princess Melisa taking on water and in danger of capsizing in rough seas after her hull was holed.

Wave Knight’s boat recovered the captain and his nine crew of Indians and Kenyans. They were subsequently transferred to an Omani Coast Guard vessel off the country’s north-east coast.

The tanker’s Commanding Officer Capt Chris Clarke RFA said the Princess Melisa’s crew were safe and generally well, albeit a little shell-shocked after their ordeal.

“Once again, the mettle and stamina of my ship’s company has shone through,” he added. “This was another highly-professional job, executed in challenging circumstances. They should feel very proud of themselves.”


Naval Today Staff, January 17, 2012; Image: Royal Navy