Pacific Fleet Antipiracy Unit Escorts First Convoy through Gulf of Aden


Pacific Fleet (PF) large ASW ship Admiral Tributs formed her first convoy on Jan 15 and is currently escorting it through safety corridor towards the Bab el Mandeb Strait. The convoy comprises Maltese and Turkish vessels.

Few days ago, the PF anti-piracy task unit replenished water and fuel supplies, conducted routine maintenance, and held counter-terror drills.

Seventh PF task unit consisting of large ASW ship Admiral Tributs, tanker Pechenga, and seagoing tug MB-37 arrived in the Gulf of Aden late in Dec 2011 to keep anti-piracy watch within international naval force.

According to reports of the unit commander Capt 1 rank Ildar Akhmerov, all systems work normally. Personnel feel good and ready to accomplish assigned tasks.

Naval Today Staff , January 17, 2012

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