USS Vella Gulf Arrives at Black Sea Port of Sevastopol


US Guided Missile Cruiser, USS Vella Gulf (CG 72), stopped at the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on Thursday.

The ship was carrying about 50 protesters chanting “Yankee, go home!” and “No to NATO!”, reported RIA Novosti today (January 26).

Yehven Dubovik, a protest organizer, told the visit was illegal because the Ukraine’s parliament had not authorized it.

“Nevertheless, a warship has called here that has offensive weapons on board and it is not ruled out that if it receives orders it will deliver a strike on Iran in close proximity to our coast,” Dubovik said.

“Thus Ukraine, a state not affiliated with any military blocs, may automatically become involved in an international conflict.”

The US flag, featuring Nazi swastika instead of stars, was burned by protesters.

The American guided missile Cruiser is to remain in Sevastopol until January 31. A number of exercises with Ukrainian naval units have been planned.

Naval Today Staff , January 26, 2012

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