US Navy Reminds Sailors for ISP

US Navy Reminds Sailors for ISP

With the release of NAVADMIN 036/12 Jan. 27, Sailors are reminded of eligibility requirements for Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP).

ISP has Navy Reserve requirements and obligations. Career counselors and command leadership can assist Sailors on applying for affiliation in conjunction with ISP.

All Sailors who apply for ISP must obligate in the Ready Reserve for a minimum of three years past their initial military service obligation. The Ready Reserve has two branches, the Selected Reserve (SELRES) and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

The SELRES consists of drilling reservists and units. These designated Reservists are available for recall to active duty status. SELRES typically fulfill the traditional service commitment of one weekend a month and two weeks a year.

The IRR offers Reserve affiliation benefits without the SELRES drill requirements or Reserve pay. Sailors in the IRR have to maintain mobilization readiness and must keep the Navy informed of any address changes or conditions that may affect their readiness.

While the Navy wishes to afford every Sailor an opportunity to transition to the Navy Reserve, SELRES billets are limited. Involuntarily separated Sailors E3 through E6 can apply for a SELRES quota via Perform-to-Serve/Fleet RIDE. Once approved for a quota, Sailors can contact the Career Transition Office (CTO) to complete the process. If a SELRES quota is not available, Sailors can request to affiliate with the IRR.

A Sailor who affiliates with the IRR must have their command complete a NAVPERS 1070/613 form and send it to their supporting personnel office. This must be accomplished prior to separation to ensure payment of this benefit, according to the message. If a signed Reserve affiliation contract is not completed prior to separation, Sailors must petition the Board of Correction for Naval Records to receive ISP.

Under current legislation, Sailors who collect ISP and later qualify and collect a military retirement must repay their ISP upon retirement. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service will reduce retirement payments until the ISP amount is repaid.

Naval Today Staff , January 30, 2012; Image: navy