Irish Naval Service Announces R&M Tender for Vessel LE Orla


Irish Naval Service has announced a tender for dry-docking services for repairs and maintenance works to the vessel LE Orla.

LÉ Orla is a Peacock-class patrol vessel in the Irish Naval Service. Like the rest of her class, she was originally designed for use by the British Royal Navy in Hong Kong waters, and was delivered in 1985 by Hall, Russell & Company as HMS Swift (P243). She is the sister ship to LÉ Ciara.

In July 2007, the LÉ Orla assisted in an operation which resulted in the largest seizure of cocaine in the history of the state.


She was launched in 1984 and bought by the Irish government in 1988. Fully loaded LÉ Orla has 712 tons displacement. She is powered by two Crossley Pielstick 18 PA6V 280 diesels rated at 14,000 hp, providing a top speed of 25 knots and a range of 4,000 km at 17 knots. She carries a crew of 39, including six officers. She is armed with one 76 mm/62 OTO Melara compact gun; 2 x 20mm Rh202 Rheinmetall weapons and four 7.62 mm machine-guns.

This tender is an open procedure and its deadline is March 7, 2012.


Naval Today Staff , February 03, 2012