Russia: Construction of SSBN Vladimir Monomakh Nears Completion

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Sevmash shipyard continues construction of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Vladimir Monomakh. Shipwrights began fitting-out works.

SSBN Vladimir Monomakh is the third nuclear-powered submarine of Project 955 Borei being built at JSC Sevmash shipyard. The sub’s serial number is 203, she was laid down at Sevmash in March 2006.

At present, most of basic onboard systems have been already mounted. Assembling of ventilation system is at closing phase; light bulkheads and shields have been already installed. Metal furniture is almost assembled. Cladding of utility premises, forming of provision stores, fitting of cable routings are in progress. Electricians of JSC Arktika started cable laying works. Having acquired wide experience on Monomakh‘s predecessors (lead submarine Yury Dolgoruky and first serial sub Alexander Nevsky), shipbuilders of Sevmash are ahead of production schedule. It is planned to launch SSBN Vladimir Monomakh in the current year.

General characteristics of Project 955 Borei submarines

Surface displacement – 14,500 tons
Submerged displacement – 17,000 tons
Dimensions: length – about 170 meters; beam – 13.6 meters; draft – 9.5 meters
Surface speed – 16 knots
Submerged – 29 knots
Test depth – over 400 meters
Endurance – 90 days
Powerplant: 190-mW nuclear reactor OK-650V
Armament: missile system Bulava-M (16 ballistic missiles 3M30), 4 x 533-mm torpedo tubes (combat load – 12 torpedoes and missiles)
Radioelectronics: tactical data system, sonar, electronic warfare and reconnaissance aids, communication system Crew – 110 men including 60 officers

Naval Today Staff , February 07, 2012

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