Iran Starts Large-Scale Production of Zafar Short-Range Antiship Cruise Missiles


Iran has started large-scale production of Zafar short-range antiship cruise missiles, reports Defense News. Those munitions are capable to destroy small- and mid-size targets. Zafar launchers can be mounted on patrol boats and small fast-speed ships. The missiles are jam-resistant and may fly at extreme low altitudes. Other characteristics are unknown.

It was reported in Sept 2011 that Iranian Navy had commissioned new antiship cruise missile Qader with extended flight range. It is capable to hit targets at distances up to 200 km and fly at low altitudes. Latest tests of the missile were held early Jan 2012 and were found successful.

Through several recent years, Iran has significantly speeded up development and production of new arms. In particular, it produces land-to-sea antiship missiles Khalij-e-Fars and Tondar. Iranian Navy is operating antiship missiles Qader and Nasr, and torpedoes Valfajr. Besides, Iran develops a strike UAV, a fifth-generation fighter, an air defense missile system, and ballistic missiles.

Naval Today Staff , February 08, 2012