Russia: Eleven Defense-Oriented Companies Enter World’s 100 Largest Arms Producers

Eleven Defense-Oriented Companies Enter World's 100 Largest Arms Producers

Eleven Russian defense-oriented companies fell into the list of the world’s 100 largest arms producers published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). In total, they sell armaments for $411.1 bln in 2010; Russia’s portion was $18.6 bln.

In 2009, nine Russian companies entered the SIPRI rating. The world’s top 20 arms producers 2010 included air defense concern Almaz-Antei earned $3.95 bln. That company held the 20-th position in that rating. Comparing to 2009, sales of the company had grown on $690 mln; one year earlier, Almaz-Antei took 22-th position.

JSC United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) entered the SIPRI rating as well, gaining the 21-th position and sales volume of $3.44 bln. JSC Russian Helicopters took the 47-th position; the holding company sold arms for $1.91 bln in 2010. JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) earned $1.65 and held the 51-st position. JSC United Engine Corporation was 62-nd with propulsion plants sold for $1.25 bln.

JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation took the 69-th position in the SIPRI rating. Sales of that company were $1.01 bln. JSC Uralvagonzavod and JSC Salut were 89-th ($730 mln) and 92-nd ($690 mln) respectively. SIPRI also included JSC Sukhoi ($1.36 bln), JSC Irkut ($1.33 bln), and JSC Sevmash ($1.24 bln) into the rating, but they take no positions being affiliates of already listed UAC and USC.

Five world’s largest arms producers are American Lockheed Martin ($35.73 bln), British BAE Systems ($32.88 bln), American Boeing ($31.36 bln), Northrop Grumman ($28.15 bln), and General Dynamics ($23.94 bln). Their positions have not changed since 2009. Finnish Patria ($660 mln), American Force Protection ($660 mln), AAR ($650 mln), GenCorp ($650 mln), and German MTU Aero Engines ($640 mln) close the rating.

SIPRI publishes the list of world’s largest arms sellers every year. Both domestic and export sales are considered when drawing the list. It is noteworthy that the rating is published with a one-year delay; for instance, results of 2011 will be promulgated only in 2013. This period is needed to collect information, hold calculations, and verify acquired financial data.

Naval Today Staff , March 01, 2012

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