USS San Antonio Gets Battle ‘E’ Award

USS San Antonio Gets Battle 'E' Award

The officers and crew of USS San Antonio (LPD 17) were today presented with the Battle “Battle E” award by the commander of Amphibious Squadron (COMPHIBRON) 4.

“Everyone who believes that San Antonio is still broken and on the sidelines will now realize that we are not,” said San Antonio Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Neil Koprowski. “We won the Battle E. We are back and ready to take on all missions.”

San Antonio was recognized for superior performance over the past year, and for several significant achievements, displaying excellence in maritime warfare capabilities, engineering/survivability, command and control, and the type commander’s Safety Award.

The Battle E award is based on a yearlong overall evaluation of San Antonio accomplishments during training exercises, various command inspections and nomination by their immediate superior in command COMPHIBRON 4.

“It’s all of you that are making this ship succeed,” said Capt. Peter Pagano, commander, COMPHIBRON 4, during a morning all-hands call aboard San Antonio. “It’s the officers, chiefs and Sailors on this ship, down to the most junior seaman that will continue to do so through INSURV (Board of Inspection and Survey assessment scheduled to begin April 23). You all should be very proud to be San Antonio Sailors.”

Eligibility for the award required a consistent day-to-day demonstration of excellence and superior achievement during all certifications and qualifications conducted following departure from the shipyard last year.

San Antonio may now display the big white letter “E” with the black shadow on its super structure along several other awards as a testament to the focus, teamwork, pride and ownership demonstrated throughout a rigorous maintenance and basic phase.

Naval Today Staff , March 05, 2012; Image: navy