USA: MTNW to Upgrade Winch Monitoring Technology for CG Icebreakers

MTNW to Upgrade Winch Monitoring Technology for CG Icebreakers

Measurement Technology NW (MTNW) has announced an award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to upgrade winch monitoring technology for the Coast Guard Icebreakers Healy and Polar Sea.

This award brings new MTNW hardware and software technology to the support of winch operations, which are mission critical to these Arctic research vessels.

NSF and the Coast Guard are working with MTNW because the Line Control Instruments’ (LCI) monitoring and control system provides advanced technology for on-deck safety, reliability, and research accuracy.

“The recent change in the operating safety standards for NSF-funded vessels has required a technology upgrade on active vessels,” said Tom Rezanka, Managing Director of MTNW.  “Our winch technology exceeds the newly-adopted standards, and will both increase safety for personnel and enhance marine research in the Arctic.”

Rezanka explained that having winch technology which continuously monitors line tension, allows trending, alarm evaluation, data collection with peak load capture at high sample rates–locally at the winch operator station, in the control room, on the bridge and remotely through the PC–increases the safety factor beyond other currently available systems.

Naval Today Staff , March 07, 2012; Image: navy