Sri Lanka: Navy Denies Allegations of Harassing Indian Fishermen


Sri Lanka Navy categorically denies the allegations that Sri Lanka naval personnel have harassed Indian fishermen as telecast on Kalaignar TV based in Chennai , India.

Being a responsible naval force, Sri Lanka Navy adheres to International Maritime Laws and carries out surveillance and patrolling accordingly in the defence of Sri Lankan waters.

Sri Lanka Navy expresses deep concerns over the malicious allegations raised time to time accusing it of harassing Indian fishermen. None of these has, however, been able to provide credible proof regarding Sri Lanka Navy’s involvement. Most have been found to be mere hearsay and accusations based on ill intentions aimed at straining the good relations between the two friendly neighbouring countries of Sri Lanka and India.

On numerous occasions, Sri Lanka Navy has come to the rescue of Indian fishermen in distress on humanitarian grounds and provided them with assistance using its vessels and personnel. Sri Lanka Navy, always provides humanitarian assistance to local and foreign fishermen in distress. It will continue its humanitarian operations in future and make available its expertise in rescuing and providing protection to sea farers when they are in difficulty in Sri Lankan waters.

Naval Today Staff , March 12, 2012;