Russia: Rogozin to Head Defense Ministry?


Russian vice premier Dmitry Rogozin may possibly take a defense minister’s office, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets on March 14.

Serious changes may happen in one of Russia’s key ministries during organization of a new government. According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, Dmitry Rogozin is considered as a candidate for defense minister’s post.

There is some background for appointment of a new defense minister.

Current minister Anatoly Serdiukov has almost completed his mission on national armed forces reformation. Their structure has been determined, financial issues are being set in order. Serdiukov by himself reported late 2011 to the government that basic stage of the reform had been finished.

Alongside with that, debates and even conflicts continue between military-oriented companies and defense ministry which is their main customer, writes the newspaper.

Problems with state defense order dissatisfied both the president and the premier. In addition, defense minister is pretty much a political post. As for experts, experienced manager Serdiukov apparently lacks political mileage which was seen at meetings with foreign military leaders.

On the other side, vice premier Dmitry Rogozin is presently in charge of defense industry and all his steps are aimed at elimination of the conflict between the military and the industry. Thus, Rogozin as defense minister may reduce urgency of the problem with defense order; that will help to develop defense industry and effectively re-equip armed forces.

Most probably, Dmitry Rogozin would coordinate positions of vice premier and defense minister.

Speaking of purely military functions, they are effectively executed by General Staff. However, given the recent conflict between Gen. Makarov and vice premier Rogozin on arms procurement, the General Staff may obtain another chief.

From the viewpoint of policy, there are no problems at all as Rogozin had achieved wide experience at the post of Russia’s Ambassador to NATO.

Naval Today Staff , March 16, 2012;