Russia: Submarine Force Turns 106

Submarine Force Turns 106

Russian submariners celebrate their occupational holiday on March 19. Presently, submarine force is the key strike component of Russian Navy. Performing combat patrols in different regions worldwide all-year-round, nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines protect Russia from potential aggression, defend its national sovereignty, freedom and independence.

The first official document mentioning about submarines was Report of the Navy Minister A.A. Birilev issued on March 6 (old style), 1906. It was reported to the Russian Emperor about the necessity to include submarines into warships classification. The tsar gave his high permission, and the naval ministry decree was issued in five days.

As of today, submarine force has considerably greater number of tasks and purposes. Russia’s State Arms Program 2011-2020 provides procurement of ten Project 955 Borei nuclear-powered strategic submarines. Construction of modernized Project 885 Yasen-M attack submarines goes on actively. In-service subs are being upgraded as well.

Naval Today Staff, March 20, 2012; Image: mil