UK: RNAS Yeovilton Opens Evening of Flight Safety Promotion

RNAS Yeovilton Opens Evening of Flight Safety Promotion

Commander Neil Thompson OBE RN, Commander Air at RNAS Yeovilton opened an evening of flight safety promotion, which was provided by the UK’s General Aviation Safety Council.

There was a fantastic turn out and representatives from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and local flying schools, including the Devon and Wessex Popular Flying Association Struts contributed to a useful and entertaining discussion.

The aim of the evening was to highlight areas of safety awareness including items as diverse as Human Factors and Olympic Airspace planning considerations.

Mr Michael Benson, GASCO’s South west representative, provided the main substance to the brief however Sub Lieutenant Nathan Steele of RNAS Yeovilton’s air traffic control gave an introduction to more localised airspace issues. The evening was sponsored by Lieutenant Simon Wilson of the Yeovilton Flying Club.

Lieutenant Commander Graeme Stringer, the Deputy Senior Air Traffic Control Officer said:

“It is always beneficial to bring Air Traffic Control and the local flying community together to improve flight safety in an informal setting, which presents an ideal opportunity for open and meaningful dialogue between aviators of diverse backgrounds.”

The evening was considered extremely beneficial to all and was successful in promoting enhanced co-operation between the RNAS Yeovilton and the local flying community and it is hoped that this event may prove a template for future such events.

Naval Today Staff , March 21, 2012; Image: royalnavy