US Navy Plans to Considerably Enhance Presence in Persian Gulf

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US Navy Plans to Considerably Enhance Presence in Persian Gulf

US Navy plans to considerably enhance its presence in the Persian Gulf in the nearest time, writes The Los Angeles Times.

According to ADM Jonathan W. Greenert, the Fifth Fleet stationed in the gulf will be reinforced with four minesweepers, same number of mine-searching helicopters CH-53 Sea Stallion, and robots capable to deactivate mines under water.

In addition, fast-speed patrol boats armed with 25-mm Mark 38 automatic guns will be dispatched to the Persian Gulf. As for Greenert, those vessels can effectively repel attacks of small-size boats. Same guns would be possibly mounted on large ships, in particular, aircraft carriers.

American military earlier said that Iranian Navy operating lots of small-size boats could successfully attack large US Navy’s ships thanks to fast speed, maneuverability, and huge number.

Expectedly, the additional forces would patrol the Strait of Hormuz which is a narrow waterway connecting the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Up to 25 per cent of world oil is delivered via that strait.

Iran threatened to block the strait in case of being attacked. The US promised to prevent the blockade even if it would need use of force.

Naval Today Staff , March 21, 2012; Image: navy