Buffalo Computer Graphics Installs Classroom at US Army Transportation School

Buffalo Computer Graphics Installs Classroom at US Army Transportation School

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) completed the first phase of a delivery to provide the US Army Transportation School in Ft. Eustis, VA with a multi-function training classroom. 

BCG has designed the classroom utilizing standard Windows desktop computers running multiple BCG virtual simulation packages which support GMDSS, Radar/ECDIS/AIS and C4ISR training.

The initial classroom installation consists of 2 instructor positions (one connected to a Smart Board / projector) and 15 student workstations all running BCG’s Virtual GMDSS training software.  Additionally, BCG delivered 4 tabletop GMDSS simulator consoles each supporting two students, bringing the total classroom capacity to 23 student training positions. The GMDSS simulator supports Area 1- Area 4 communication using all virtualized equipment with voice communication taking place via BCG’s VoIP network.  Both instructor stations and all student stations are networked together to allow fully interactive operation.

Also part of this installation was the integration of BCG’s C4ISR Trainer to 12 of the student positions . The C4ISR Trainer allows the trainee to operate 15 different communication devices which make up the C4ISR suite typically found on Army vessels.  The virtual trainer supports full interaction between devices and between the student positions.  User operation includes simulated encrypted data exchanges via text, fax or voice.  The two instructor positions run a special version of C4ISR software allowing the instructor full control over the training environment.

The next phase of this project is for BCG to upgrade the classroom for ship navigation training.  BCG will install PCRadar (BCG’s ARPA radar simulator), an IMO approved ECDIS, and a virtual AIS receiver at the 15 student positions.  Each of these programs will interact, as they do on-board a vessel, allowing students access to a full complement of navigation sub-systems.  The instructor has control of each student position using BCG’s Enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI2).

BCG is proud to continue our support of the US Army in their efforts to prepare our nation’s soldiers for a broad range of missions.

Naval Today Staff , March 29, 2012; Image: buffalocomputergraphics