France Ministry of Defense Announces ASW Equipment Tender


France Ministry of Defense has announced tender for installation of anti-submarine (ASW) equipment.

The buoys are to be put in place by the maritime patrol aircraft and atl2 Helicopter Anti Submarine fighters to provide passive guidance sonobuoys NATO-like “dicass Ssq62 e” and “E dicass Ssq62 Mod1”. The two types of buoys will have a “Ping unlimited”.

The materials will be delivered to the naval aviation base of Lann Bihoue or APEC, in Hyères (the destination may be changed, but the place of delivery remains located in metropolitan France). The provisional number of buoys to be delivered is circa 2,000: around 1,500 “dicass Ssq62 e” and 500 “dicass Ssq62 E Mod1.”

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW, or in older form A/S) is a branch of naval warfare that uses surface warships, aircraft, or other submarines to find, track and deter, damage or destroy enemy submarines.

Like many forms of warfare, successful anti-submarine warfare depends on a mix of sensor and weapon technology, training, experience and luck. Sophisticated sonar equipment for first detecting, then classifying, locating and tracking the target submarine is a key element of ASW. To destroy submarines both the torpedo and mine are used, launched from air, surface and underwater platforms. Other means of destruction have been used in the past but are now obsolete. ASW also involves protecting friendly ships.

The tender will end on April 24th 2012, while the duration of the project is18 months, starting from date of contract award.

Naval Today Staff , March 30, 2012;