HNLMS Van Amstel Heads for Somalia

HNLMS Van Amstel Heads for Somalia

On 19 March 2012, the multipurpose frigate HNLMS Van Amstel left its home base of Den Helder for Somalia. The ship is set to take part in Operation Atalanta, the European Union’s counter-piracy mission.

Before departure, family and friends of the crew said their farewells on board the ship. In the coming months, the frigate will be deployed to disrupt piracy in the waters of Somalia.


HNLMS Van Amstel is the first of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s M-frigates to take part in this operation. The ship has a 190-strong crew, which will primarily focus on protecting vulnerable shipping in the Gulf of Aden, disrupting piracy and escorting ships sailing under the flag of the United Nation’s World Food Programme.
To carry out these tasks, a helicopter team, additional medical capabilities and a Marine Corps enhanced boarding team have been added to the ship’s regular crew.

Naval Today Staff , March 30, 2012; Image: defensie