USA: Navy’s 50-50 Executive Outreach Visit to Jackson Starts

The Virginia-class submarine program manager kicked off the Navy’s 50-50 executive outreach visit to Jackson, Miss., March 29.

Rear Adm. (sel.) Michael Jabaley addressed the Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives at the state’s capitol on the Navy’s mission and the goal of naval science, technology, engineering and mathematics initiatives.

The Navy 50-50 Program is a new outreach program that follows the Navy Week flag officer / Senior Executive Service outreach model, featuring 2-3 days of high-level engagements with corporate executives, civic leaders, government officials, university faculty and administrators, non-profit executive directors and members of the media. It is designed to build on United States Navy efforts to increase Americans’ understanding of the Navy’s mission, capabilities, and relevance to national security.

“The Navy belongs to the people of Jackson just as much as to those who live along the ocean,” said Jabaley. “We need to continue to share the great things our Navy does and foster a better understanding of the Navy’s role in protecting our country and maintaining freedom of the seas.”

During the visit, Jabaley shared that message with newspapers and local radio and television stations. He also visited Jackson State University and received a briefing on Office of Naval Research-funded projects.

“Investments in science and technology such as those at Jackson State help naval forces maintain an advantage as the high-tech service of the future, and sustain the vitality of our nation’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workforce,” said Jabaley. Jabaley will also visit Murrah High School. He is a 1980 graduate of the school.

“I had some great teachers, particularly Ms. Pauline Tramel and Ms. Pauline Carter,” said Jabaley. “Because of their influence, I majored in math and computer science in college and have continued working in a very technical field.”

Naval Today Staff , March 30, 2012;