USA: Navy Announces Revised FY13 Enlisted Selection Board Schedule

Navy Announces Revised FY13 Enlisted Selection Board Schedule

Navy announced a revised Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) enlisted selection board schedule in NAVADMIN 108/12, released March 30.

NAVADMIN 108/12 announced new selection board convening dates for the active duty E-9, active duty E-8 and the FTS/AGR/CANREC (Reserve) E-7 selection boards. The message also announced new “received by” deadlines for candidates to submit their letter to the board and “received by” deadlines for special requirements for nuclear trained personnel.

Letters to the board previously submitted for FY13 enlisted selection boards have been retained and there is no requirement for candidates to resubmit letters to the board.

No changes were made to the convening or submission dates for the active duty E-7 selection board previously announced in NAVADMIN 349/11. Impact to the chief petty officer induction season will be minimal if any.

Unless specifically addressed in the new message, candidates should follow all eligibility and submission criteria outlined in NAVADMIN 349/11 and NAVADMIN 369/11 for E7 candidates and NAVADMIN 387/11 for E8 and E9 candidates.

The FY13 enlisted selection board schedule was revised following the public disclosure of the active duty E9 selection board’s convening order, quota plan and membership list. Reserve E9 and Reserve E8 selection boards were not affected by the change.

Naval Today Staff , April 02, 2012; Image: navy