USA: CVW 14 Deactivation Cancelled

CVW 14 Deactivation Cancelled

The Navy directed U.S. Pacific Fleet and Naval Air Forces to stop, and reverse the deactivation process for carrier air wing (CVW) 14 in a memo dated March 20.

The National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law Dec. 31, 2011, mandates that the Navy maintain a minimum of 10 carrier air wings and a dedicated and fully staffed headquarters for each carrier air wing.

Aircraft carriers along with their embarked air wings are the center pieces of America’s naval forces. With more than 40 assigned aircraft, carrier airwings bring flexibility, strike capabilities, and needed lift to naval component and combatant commanders around the globe.

CVW-14 is based out of Lemoore, Calif., and is comprised of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 323, Strike Fighter Squadron 154, Strike Fighter Squadron 147, Strike Fighter Squadron 146, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 4, Early Warning Squadron 113, Electronic Attack Squadron 139 and Fleet Logistics Squadron 31, Detachment 1.

Naval Today Staff , April 02, 2012; Image: navy