Taiwanese Defense Ministry Plans to Start Building Own Submarines


Taiwanese defense ministry plans to kick off designing and building of own submarines, reports Defense News referring to deputy defense minister Chao Shih-chang. As for him, Taiwan still has not received eight American submarines which were promised back in 2001, and started to consider proposals of national shipbuilders.

In particular, local CSBC Corporation repeatedly offered to design and construct submarines for Taiwanese defense ministry. As for Shih-chang, if CSBC manage to obtain appropriate technology and find foreign partners, it would “definitely” win the contract. So far, the government is still trying to gain delivery of American subs.

In 2001, the then-president of the US George Bush approbated delivery of 8 diesel submarines to Taiwan. However, no developments have happened since that time. The point is that the US has not build diesel electric submarines for over 40 years while Germany and Spain refused to sell their subs being afraid of deteriorating relationships with China.

Currently, Taiwan Navy operate four submarines – two Hai Lung class (Zwaardvis class, Netherlands) and two Hai Shih class ones (Tench class, USA). Only two first ones built in 1986 are combat-worthy. Ex-American submarines built in late 40’s are in need of capital repairs.

As was reported late in Feb 2012, Taiwan Navy planned to ask national government to purchase eight submarines. Three undisclosed countries offered to sell German-made subs to Taiwan. In addition, Taiwan was offered an assistance in building of submarines displacing 1,000-1,500 tons.

Naval Today Staff , April 03, 2012;