Russia: CF Coastal Missile Battalion Destroys “Enemy” Surface Ship

CF Coastal Missile Battalion Destroys "Enemy" Surface Ship

Caspian Flotilla (CF) coastal missile battalion is practicing combat use of newest mobile missile system Bal at Adanak Test Range, Dagestan.

During the joint exercise with CF strike group, the missilemen timely detected “enemy” sea target imitated by CF corvette Tatarstan. The battalion command post positioned the target at the range over 15 km. Then the “enemy” ship was destroyed by simulated missile launch.

At the next phase, the battalion will hold battery tactical exercise and missile strike control drills. Combat training will finish with fire control practice and missile strikes along with Southern Military District artillery.

Missile system Bal is capable to engage targets at the distance up to 120 km, day and night, at any weather conditions. Deployment time is 10 minutes; cruising range is 850 km.

Fire power of Bal missile battalion makes possible to break up mission accomplishment of a large surface strike group, a landing force or a convoy. Launchers can be deployed in covered positions at up to 10 km inland which complicates their detection.

Naval Today Staff , April 06, 2012; Image: mil