Sailors From USS Mahan Receive Non-Judicial Punishment


Twelve Sailors from USS Mahan (DDG 72) received non-judicial punishment under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for the use, purchase, and/or distribution of illegal synthetic cannabinoid, also known as “Spice,” during Captain’s Mast proceeding held aboard the ship April 4.

One Sailor received non-judicial punishment under article 112a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for the use of illegal mushrooms. In accordance with the Navy’s zero-tolerance policy on illegal drug use, all 13 are being processed for administrative separation from the Navy.

The Sailors ranged in rank from E-1 to E-5.

The Captain’s Mast proceedings were initiated following a command investigation that concluded in April 2012. Mahan’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Adam Aycock commenced the investigation immediately following notification of the allegations of Spice use in late March.

Drug use and substance abuse in the Navy undercuts unit readiness and morale, and is inconsistent with the Navy Ethos and core values of honor, courage and commitment.

“We have zero tolerance for drug use in our Navy, and I applaud those with the courage to take a stand against drugs and against those who use them,” said Rear Adm. David M. Thomas, Jr., commander, Naval Surface Force, Atlantic. “This isn’t some ‘victimless crime’; people who use drugs put their ship and shipmates at risk. Sailors who use drugs, including Spice and any other illegal substance, have broken the oath of Service we all swore. When they are caught they will be processed for separation without exception. There is no second chance.”

Mahan is currently in port at Naval Station Norfolk.The ship recently completed a selective restricted availability in March.

Zero tolerance for drug use is an aspect of the readiness area of the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative which consolidates a set of objectives and policies, new and existing, to maximize Sailor and Marine personal readiness, build resiliency and hone the most combat-effective force in the history of the Department of the Navy.

Naval Today Staff , April 06, 2012;