Fleet Support Unit Diesel Team Gets Praise after Maintenance in HMAS Toowoomba

Fleet Support Unit Diesel Team Gets Praise after Maintenance in HMAS Toowoomba

One of Navy’s Fleet Support Unit Diesel teams has been praised for their professionalism and workmanship, after carrying out maintenance in HMAS Toowoomba.

The work included a top end overhaul of 8V 396 series engines which are the prime movers for the electrical power generators in Anzac Frigates. Some of the work was conducted on board the ship itself, with further maintenance completed at the MTU Detroit Diesel Australia (MTUDDA) workshop in Perth.

The FSU Sydney Diesel Team lead by POMT Shane Smith with LSMT Nathan Martin, LSMT Stephen Denby, ABMT Daniel Brown, ABMT Troy Russell flew to Perth with their individual tools kits in hand and quickly imbedded themselves into the MTUDDA workforce. The FSU Sydney Diesel Team under Petty Officer Smith became self sufficient across the 6 week availability accommodated out of Leeuwin Barracks.

The main focus across the 6 week period was the activities of the W5’s on AGE No2 and No4. No2 AGE was overhauled in ship at Henderson and AGE No4 needed to be removed from Towoomba and overhauled in the MTUDDA Hazelmere workshop.

As MTUDDA was conducting other concurrent activities in Stuart, Warramunga and in Toowoomba the FSU Sydney personnel were utilised across a range of activities. Petty Officer Smith was quick to take advantage the wide range of opportunities available to ensure his Diesel Team maximised the experiences.

“The W5’s on AGE 2 and 4 onboard HMAS Toowoomba were a good experience for the personnel within the diesel team from FSU Sydney to work alongside MTU”, said Petty Officer Smith.

“The knowledge gained from working within MTU has greatly improved the knowledge of our sailors and is going to be a huge benefit to the Navy in the long run”.

ABMT Brown also found the Toowoomba opportunity a positive experience. “Working with MTUDDA was great as we where learning all the little tricks and pit falls to conducting the top end overhauls and the main parts and locations to check for damage or excessive wear”.

This joint initiative with MTUDDA and FSU-S complements one of the main recommendations of the FSU Continuous Improvement Program in building a Diesel Engine Overhaul capability at FSU. The building of a Diesel Capability at FSU is also in line with the intent of the Rizzo Reforms with rebuilding the technical workforce at FSU. The building of diesel overhaul capability at FSU will also help to link the training and skills acquired on the Diesel ASTC with a wide range of diesel maintenance opportunities. Further it will provide a path for developing diesel expertise ready for selection in the MTUDDA Outplacement Program and excellent diesel production work opportunities on return to FSU.

The team’s conduct has drawn positive attention from Deputy Chief of Navy, RADM Trevor Jones, who has written to the individuals concerned.

“One of the Navy’s focal points for FSU is the reinvigoration of a strong diesel capability which will be a fundamental part of future FSUs,” DCN wrote.

“As a member of the team your enthusiasm and commitment to the tasks has been critical to sustaining future diesel activities.”

“Your achievement is highly commendable and is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Royal Australian Navy.”

Naval Today Staff , April 10, 2012; Image: navy