USA: Chief of Naval Personnel Holds All-Hands Call at NSA

Chief of Naval Personnel Holds All-Hands Call at NSA

The chief of naval personnel (CNP) met with Sailors and civilians from the mid-South at an all-hands call March 30.

Vice Adm. Scott R. Van Buskirk spoke about the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, physical fitness and force management. In his opening remarks, he assured Sailors that they have earned the support of the fleet and the nation through the work they do.

“Our Sailors around the fleet directly benefit from the programs and policies that are developed right here in Millington, Tenn. – and you are all are part of that,” said Van Buskirk.

Van Buskirk took questions and addressed concerns from Sailors regarding end-strength, Perform to Serve, the Enlisted Retention Board, retirement and benefits, and 21st Century Sailor and Marine.

“21st Century Sailor and Marine is a really great unity of effort for the Navy and Marine Corps and how we look at, across the board, the resiliency of our force and tying in all of our initiatives that go towards this,” said Van Buskirk.

The 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative represents five key focus areas; continuum of service, inclusion, physical fitness, readiness and safety, which Van Buskirk said are central to the mid-South Navy’s mission.

It’s about all the programs and policies that are developed right here in Millington, Tenn.,” said Van Buskirk. “The programs and initiatives under 21st Century Sailor are ones that will help you and your family members remain ready to take on the many challenges of being a Sailor, and a Navy family.”

In addition to the an all-hands call, Van Buskirk also took time to participate in a pinning ceremony for Commander, Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Rear Adm. Cynthia Covell.

Van Buskirk assumed duties as the Navy’s 56th CNP Oct. 11, 2011. Serving concurrently as the deputy CNO for manpower, personnel, training and education (MPTE), he is responsible for the planning and programming of all MPTE resources for the Navy. His responsibilities include overseeing NPC, Navy Recruiting Command and Naval Education and Training Command.

“Nothing is better than being able to work on programs that impact and make a difference to our Sailors,” said Van Buskirk. “I encourage you to take these messages here, get smart about the 21st century Sailor and Marine, get smart about some of the policies that are just generated right here in front of us – because it’s really important, important stuff.”

Naval Today Staff , April 11, 2012; Image: navy